The Airport Tempelhof as a place of a good future

The Airport Tempelhof impressed Berlin for a century. As NS-magnificent
building it was among the biggest buildings of the world, was a place of
forced labour and military use. The airlift changed it to a door of freedom.
Today the gigantic buiding is a fossil of 300.000 sqm of past times. Especially
its challenging size now opens a unique chance: Created as a democratic
common property it can become a bridge pier of transformation and
sustainability of Berlin and the world.

Places are needed where modes of life and subsistence strategies can be
tested and developed, based on long-term operation. Solutions for the
complex problems of the present time can only be found if people cooperate
with different talents, experiences, qualifications and skills. Berlin disposes of
a big potential capacity with various and international inhabitants, a manifold
scene of dedicated citizens and as well different scientific institutions and
organizations that are engaged in relevant aspects of transformation.
lnterested persons of all cultures, family backgrounds, social ranks, classes
and age groups are invited to participate. Due to the immense space in
Tempelhof airport building many things can thrive and prosper – together and
side by side, enrich each other and can be linked. Used as a place of
experimentation, practice, culture, research and education, new paths and
projections can be developed that the world needs very urgently. ln this
process something fundamental new can be generated. Furthermore such a
place will appear as a magnet on innovators from all over the world who will
increase the process.
It is as well highly symbolic to use Tempelhof Airport in this way. Candy
bombers landed here and provided the population of Berlin by airlift with all
necessary things to survive for nearly one year. The world saved Berlin. Now
Berlin has the chance to return something important to the world.
Together let’s create a happy place of the future – human, sustainable and
saving resources…Tempelhof as inspiring common property!